In today’s world we find ourselves being constantly bombarded by the stressors of the modern world. Stress is something we are all familiar with. From work deadlines, to being late and stuck in traffic, or perhaps an inbox full of emails that need responding to… we can experience and be exposed to stress at every turn. Stress can create tension within our bodies. This in turn can create blockages in our qi and channels which can lead to more stress, and a decreased ability to handle stress in general. The negative effects of long term stress exposure are well-documented. Over time, our bodies can begin to hold and accumulate stress which can lead to anxiety and other forms of illness. Stress will weaken our immune systems and lower our sense of well-being.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture have been shown to be very effective in resolving and reversing the negative effects of stress. Acupuncture treatments assist the body to let go of tension and stress through the unblocking of qi and channels. Acupuncture harmonizes the mind, body, and energy to a state that is peaceful and relaxing. Many patients say that they find getting acupuncture to be incredibly soothing and comfortable. It’s not hard to imagine why many patients say that their acupuncture appointment is the “highlight of the day.”

Acupuncture is a remarkable healing modality that not only assists us to move through and resolve our current stress, but it enhances our ability to manage and resolve any future stress that we might have. Receiving acupuncture treatments can make us better able to handle the normal stressors of modern life. It encourages us to not hold and accumulate tension within our bodies.

It’s a challenge to avoid stress in the modern world, and often we don’t have any control over what stressors we are exposed to. One thing we do have control of, is how we take care of our mind and body so that we can live the most healthiest life we can. One way to do that is to get acupuncture. Living life with low stress will result in a higher quality of life. So the next time you are stressed, overwhelmed, and over-worked, just think, “Stay Calm, Get Acupuncture.”

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