Rhiannon is amazing! Her acupuncture treatments have made such a difference in how I feel.

I started seeing Rhiannon when she was a clinician at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine. I was immediately impressed by her knowledge and quality of care. Rhiannon made me feel at ease. Her treatments were very effective in dealing with a knee problem and other issues. I always left the treatment feeling better than when I went in.

Rhiannon’s care does does not stop at the treatment room. She was sincerely concerned with my health and was great with answering any questions I had about my progress. Rhiannon is very accessible and treats every patient with equal caring and concern. I highly recommend Rhiannon as an acupuncturist, herbalist, and wonderful caregiver. Five stars!!!Grace M.

I have been a patient of Rhiannon Stanford for several years now. When I started, I had several health issues, both chronic and acute. Since being a patient of Rhiannon’s, they have been resolved, and I am enjoying excellent and robust health, feeling as good as I felt 10 years ago!
I have seen many acupuncturists over the years, and Rhiannon is absolutely one of the best practitioners I have had the pleasure of seeing. She is thorough, kind, gentle, extremely knowledgeable in needling and herbs. She has the perfect combination of bedside manner and science. I feel complete confidence in her abilities and in her care. Whether you have never had acupuncture or have had it many times before, Rhiannon is the practitioner to see!Lizzy K.
I’ve been receiving consistent treatments from Rhiannon and she has made a significant difference in my health. I struggle with fatigue, anxiety, and irregular menstruation. She has been able to guide me to a place of stability with the use of acupuncture and herbs. I value her knowledge and also her ability to counsel me through these issues. She is very friendly and genuine! I know she truly cares about my well-being and health, which is extremely comforting. I have recommended her to my family and friends because I trust her skills completely. I’ve always had good experiences with her.Kristy O.

I see Rhiannon regularly for acupuncture treatments and I look forward to each time I see her. Her needling is gentle and skillful, and I always feel safe in her care. She is also a wonderful herbalist and I have faith in her to help me with whatever it is that I need each time I see her. She has helped me with acute issues such as getting rid of colds or flus and also with more chronic health issues such as digestive problems and menstrual pain. She is full of wisdom and knowledge, and has a warm, peaceful and humble way about her that immediately puts you at ease. I highly recommend her as a healthcare practitioner!Samara G.
I’ve had many treatments from Rhiannon, mostly for a variety of musculo-skeletal issues, and I highly recommend her care. Her acupuncture skill is exceptional and she is such a nice person!Phil M.
I first met Rhiannon several years ago when she was an intern at the Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine (SIOM). I soon scheduled all my acupuncture appointments with her and have continued to go to her after her graduation and opening of her own practice.

Rhiannon has an extensive education in acupuncture, Chinese herbal medicine, and Tui-Na ( a massage technique). She has been able to achieve immediate and verifiable results in her work with me. Through acupuncture and herbal medicine, she was able to increase my blood circulation to decrease edema that had caused swelling in my legs. She also helped me move away from various blood pressure prescriptions that were causing side effects including leg cramps, itching, loss of wind, and other issues. I am now completely off prescription medicine, after review by my physician, due to lowered blood pressure, cholesterol levels, and other healthy physical changes.

My experience has been that Rhiannon is attentive, caring, gracious, giving of her time, precise in her thinking, intensely serious, and professional in her work. I, therefore, highly recommend her. This is especially true if you are seeking solutions that will compliment and possibly replace your need for western medical procedures.John J.

Consider this a rating of 5+++ stars! Rhiannon Stanford is the most effective and helpful healer I have met – I refer her to anyone and everyone who has a need (most people do). She is incredibly helpful and does a wonderful job of working together with her clients to meet their goals. Rhiannon is also one of the kindest, gentlest and most nurturing people I know, which is a fantastic quality for a healer.

I came in with over a decade of visiting numerous professionals in an attempt to cure my chronic back and neck pain, low levels of energy, and abnormally warm body temperature (and considerable sweating). After several months of seeing her every other week or so, my energy levels have greatly increased, my back pains have mostly subsided, and my body temperature is normal. I have also reaped other wonderfully unexpected benefits. In a nutshell, my health goals that I have been working toward for the past 14 years but unable to achieve have been resolved thanks to Rhiannon.

Not only is she an incredibly skilled acupuncturist, she has a solid network of other professionals that she is not afraid to refer her clients to. Whereas some professionals hoard their clients and keep them beyond the point where treatment is necessary, Rhiannon is quick to make referrals to other professionals to help resolve issues as quickly as possible. Rhiannon is also skilled in various forms of Chinese massage as well as herbal treatments. While herbs are not the most delicious thing in the world, they have impacted my well being considerably and are well worth the slight distaste.

Also, Rhiannon is concerned first and foremost with the health of her clients and was very flexible with fee payment arrangements.
Kris D.

My first experience with Acupuncture was with Ms Stanford. She made me feel relax, explained everything she was doing before, during, and after so I never felt anxious. She really knows so much about how to keep your body and mind healthy! Also, she’s so giving with her time and truly cares about your well being.Cheryl G.
Rhiannon has great acupuncture technique and her needling always feels comfortable and gentle. When I receive her treatments, I feel so relaxed and I feel as if I am truly recovering from unbalance in my body. Rhiannon is also very skilled at choosing effective herbs. I have been working on a severe and chronic condition with Rhiannon, and I soon feel better after taking her herbs. I choose her as my acupuncturist because of her great skill and knowledge as well as her caring and healing intention. She always does her best for her patients for their health and wellness and has rich knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine.Mayumi H., Bellevue, WA
I was treated by Ms. Stanford for a very bad episode of the flu. She created a special (not off the shelf) concoction for me made from various dried herbs that was very effective in aiding my return to health. She is a traditionally trained Chinese medicine practitioner which I appreciate. I can whole heartedly recommend Rhiannon.Stephen A.
Struggling with addiction and substance abuse, Rhiannon has helped me get to the place I am now in my recovery. She is someone who cares greatly about her patients’ progress and her kindness/understanding makes me feel comforted all the time.L. M.
I am so grateful to have Rhiannon as my acupuncturist! She has been helping me overcome symptoms like fatigue, stress, irregular periods, poor appetite, and musculoskeletal problems. Getting regular treatments from her has helped me manage the hardships of being a graduate student. Her love for Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine truly shows in her treatments and is always fully attentive to my health. If you want a treatment that leaves you feeling refreshed and balanced go see Rhiannon! Lucia M.